What is the ATN?

  • ACE Action Teams are a network of youth leaders taking action on the climate emergency. This network is here to help young people become local climate leaders, get resources for their climate organizing, and to connect youth leaders to one another in local communities nationwide. 
  • ACE Action Teams help young people learn how to engage their local communities, host events, organize actions, influence elected leaders and decision-makers, and use the media to change the narrative. 
  • Action Team members will receive skill training, 1-on-1 support from ACE staff, and join a community of like-minded people working on concrete ways to avert the climate emergency.  

Why is the ATN important?

  • It’s up to young people to make change on a local level if we’re to address the climate crisis. It will take a movement of local youth action to apply pressure upwards.  
  • By joining or starting an Action Team, young people have the opportunity to explore their passions and gain training, skills, resources and support to protect their future.
  • They'll be part of an exclusive team of youth leaders who get up every day to win over hearts & minds and mobilize the support we need to save the planet. 
  • By banding together and taking action at the local level, young people can create a powerful, visible, sustained force to pressure decision-makers to save the planet.
  • They’ll build grassroots power to make change happen at the local, state, and national level. They’ll help wield our greatest strength – each other – to win victories for our climate and communities. 


What students do: 

  • Mobilize, coach and support other local activists
  • Host monthly events, outreach activities or actions
  • Build your Action Team membership
  • Participate in monthly leader group check-in calls

Core Duties:

  • Host at least 2 meetings and 1 event per month. 
  • Build an Action Leadership Team of 2-3 people and membership of at least 6 new people each semester.
  • Follow ACE campaign updates, participate in campaign actions, and work towards achieving local campaign milestones and victories.
  • Ensure members are supported and mobilize others using the digital tools provided.
  • Learn how to use public narrative and run the Action Team social media account.
  • Uplift and embody principles of justice and equity.

What students have access to: 

  • Experience, training and confidence building
  • Connection and community with other young climate activists
  • Resources to communicate with and activate other local volunteers
  • Monthly check-in calls for leadership development and skill-building
  • Personal support from staff or high-level volunteers

What students receive: 

  • Letter of recommendation for college or job, if requested
  • Service hours or service learning credits (depends on school policy)
  • Resume building by adding the ACE Action Team
  • Reimbursements for service-related expenses plus potential stipend for those who apply and qualify


Core concepts taught

  • Science - learning basic climate science and connecting it to taking action
  • Leadership - learning how to develop skills and step into power
  • Grassroots pressure - learning how to engage, pressure and move decision-makers
  • Recruitment - learning how to grow the movement for the long haul
  • Partnerships - learning how to work with others and leverage power + influence
  • Social media - learning how to use creativity and storytelling
  • Press - learning how to spread your message and strategize to get covered

Current lessons on the ATN site

  • How to run a climate emergency campaign
  • How to start and run an Action Team
  • How to become an Action Team Lead
  • How to tell your story
  • How to run a meeting
  • How to do a class presentation
  • How to host an event
  • How to pressure your elected official
  • How to plan a lobby visit
  • How to set up a meeting with your elected official

Planned lessons for 2022

  • How to choose a winning issue
  • How to use the media to win
  • How to partner with other groups
  • Power/privilege/oppression
  • 101s (2 min animated videos)
  • What is organizing (and why is it important)?
  • Why do people join movements?
  • What is a campaign?
  • What is power (and how do we build it)?
  • Who can give us what we want?