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ACE Activist of the Month

Evan, Paris & ACE Franklin High Livonia, Michigan

Evan J: "Our generation is the future. We want to live in a world where the environment does not suffer from exploitation and destruction. We want to leave behind a better, cleaner planet for future generations. And with those who have already lost their lives as a result of our changing climate in our hearts, we want to live in a world where the well-being of those most vulnerable in our communities is not threatened by changing circumstances caused by climate change.

Never in the history of this country has the immense threat of climate change been so closely matched by the potential to fight it. The time is now, and Biden has the power to enact widespread change in our nation by declaring a climate emergency."

Paris G: "The only way to fight the climate emergency is to actually acknowledge that it exists. The youth of our society are fed up and ready for the government and the world to recognize that action is the only way to protect our future.

By declaring an emergency Biden would open up resources and funds to create significant change that the US and our world desperately needs."

Evan and Paris are the Action Team Leads of ACE Franklin High. Together, they have grown their AT, created a large street mural in chalk, coordinate with other ATs across Michigan and will work to demand their Governor and President Biden declare climate emergencies in their state and nationally.