Code of Conduct

Action for the Climate Emergency is committed to educating and empowering young people to take action on climate change and this is the central focus of all our work. We highly value diversity, equity, and inclusion and view the climate crisis as a social justice crisis. 

As an Action Team cohort member you will be charged with leading other young people and representing ACE to your community, other organizations and even the media. In light of that we request that all Action Team members commit to the following below.

By agreeing to this Code of Conduct, you acknowledge that you read, understand (or asked for clarification) and intend to follow it. If you don’t follow these guidelines, ACE may revoke your privileges as an Action Team member and terminate the consulting agreement with you.



  1. I will be inclusive, emphasize bottom-up organizing, let people speak for themselves, work together in solidarity and mutuality, build just relationships among ourselves, and commit to self-transformation (in support of the Jemez Principles)
  2. I will treat myself, other ACE Team cohort members, ACE staff and my community with respect, both in words and in actions. I will model this behavior for my Action Team members. 
  3. I will read, understand and follow ACE’s mission, vision, core values, purpose and goals and become familiar with and follow ACE policies, procedures, and guidelines
  4. I will use extreme discretion with what I post on social media and comply with ACE’s Social Media Policy.
  5. I will not use profanity or suggestive language, post inappropriate pictures or post pictures or descriptions of myself participating in any activity deemed vulgar or illegal in nature.
  6. I will refrain from posting pictures of others on social networking sites, personal blogs and web pages and other electronic media without the person’s permission and consent.
  7. I understand that while social media is a way to express myself online, I will refrain from posting anything that goes against ACE’s guidelines. I also understand that postings about Action Team Members or Ace Staff/Action Team Leads may be scrutinized under our harassment policy. Please communicate any concerns I may have with my Ace Staff/ Program manager.
  8. I understand that failure to comply with ACE’s Social Media Policy may result in immediate termination of my consulting agreement with ACE.
  9. I will prioritize the health and safety of myself and Action Team members and not participate in activities that could endanger the health and safety of Action Team members. 
  10. On my own time, I will commit to learning and understanding the characteristics of white supremacy and actively working to unlearn and deconstruct the internalized racism present in myself, my work and my conduct. 
  11. I understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of ACE’s plans and the privacy of others working on behalf of ACE (including, but not limited to, contact information of Action Team members and ACE supporters) and will follow guidelines.
  12. I will commit to completing the scope of work as laid out in the “Action Team Lead” description and planning ahead so that I can attend and be fully present for all activities. In the event that things change I commit to communicating early.
  13. I understand that I have permission to use the ACE name/brand in delivery of services under my consulting agreement with ACE and understand that by not abiding by ACE policies, procedures, and guidelines will result in termination of my contract to perform services with ACE. 
  14. I understand that ACE Chapter Managers will be notified before I make any public statements regarding legislative issues, endorsements, sign ons, representation, etc. 


As a 501(c)(3) “educational” organization, we are focused on elevating this issue and pressuring ALL candidates to take bold stances. It’s absolutely essential that--as an agent of ACE--you don’t engage in electioneering (supporting or opposing any one particular party or candidate versus another) while identifying yourself as a local leader with ACE. You of course may get politically involved for any candidate you want outside of the performance of services with us. Also, when talking about legislation or ballot measures, focus on the substance of the issue to educate politicians and voters about the climate emergency.