Build Youth Power and Leadership for the Climate

We’re in a climate emergency. It’s up to us to build a movement of local action if we’re to make change, and that’s where you come in. Action Teams are a network of youth leaders taking action on the climate emergency. This network is here to help young people become local climate leaders, get resources for their climate organizing, and to connect youth leaders to one another in local communities nationwide.

Action Teams help young people learn how to engage their local communities, host events, organize actions, influence elected leaders and decision-makers, and use the media to change the narrative. Action Team members will receive skill training, 1-on-1 support from ACE staff, and join a community of like-minded people working on concrete ways to avert the climate emergency.

Who You Are
  • You care about climate change, pollution, and the environment
  • You’re eager to learn and grow
  • You’re willing to work hard to protect our communities and our planet
  • You’re dependable and a good communicator
What You Do
  • Host events, outreach activities or actions
  • Build up membership for your Action Team
  • Follow ACE campaign updates, participate in campaign actions, and work towards achieving local victories
What You Receive
  • Trainings, skills and confidence building
  • Connection and community with other young climate activists
  • Tools to communicate with and activate other local volunteers
  • Lead group check-in and skill-building calls
  • Personal support from staff or high-level volunteer


Sign up today to get started with the ACE Action Team network, connect with local activists, and become a leader for the climate.